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***** La Conchita Bakery is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 24 reviews!

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    I discovered this bakery through yelp, and everyone was on point....the sweet bread from this panaderia is divine!!! The actual bakery is clean, bright, and festive...pi~natas hanging from the is right next to an ethinic market too. It is marveous to find such a cute mexican bakery in Nashville with courteous staff. My friend and I were going bonkers while picking our bread....they had salvadorean quesadillas!!

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    I always check out the local panaderia whenever I travel and my son, daughter, and I checked out this one. Good stuff needless to say even though we came late in the afternoon. Great churros and my favorites orejas and puercitos. Friendly staff and a great selection of pinatas if you're in the market. Give it a visit.

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    Sweet empanadas filled with cream cheese or pineapple. Tres Leches Cake. Those little gingerbread pigs. Conchas, ojo de buey, elephant ears, and other pan dulce galore. Not to mention the little freezer filled with mexican style popsicles (paletas) and ice creams.

    If this is what you're looking for, go here. If you don't recognize anything from the above list, stop by this little bakery and pick up a bag full of sweets instead of picking up a dozen donuts, you'll make new discoveries and be the hero at work.

    La Conchita bakery is located in the same parking lot as the infamous K & S Grocery on Nolensville Road. When Panaderia La Abejita closed down in this spot awhile ago, I wanted to cry. When La Conchita opened about a year ago, I wanted to throw a party.The place is clean, neat, and generally friendly. It is definitely a family run business (complete with the occasional awkward teenager), they are very welcoming in both English and Spanish. They also have very reasonable prices (all the different items are about 60-90 cents a piece, and their Tres Leches Cakes are sold by the slice, or a whole cake for less than $20). They also seem good about seasonal items like pan de muerto around Dia de los Muertos, I think they sell Roscon around Three Kings Day.

    Although there are many hispanic style bakeries on Nolensville road selling Tres Leches and these other sweets, this one is my favorite and gets 5 stars for the friendly clean atmosphere, the prices (especially on the Tres Leches Cakes) and the fact that they have the best darn cream-cheese empanada de mil hoja that I have ever tasted, ever (and believe me, I've been around many panaderias). Those things come out from the back hot, flaky, and delicious and everyone I know that has tried one can't stop talking about them.

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    Happy, Happy to find awesome Tres Leches Cake! Plus, an awesome bakery loaded with homemade pastries. Reminds me of home. This California girl is elated that Nashville has a pandaderia!

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    My love of Latin American food and culture brought me to this little panaderia of heaven. I grabbed one of the trays near the register and a pair of tongs, then went around to all the cases and picked out what I wanted. A selection of empanadas, sweet bread, gingerbread pigs, and Tres Leche made it into my bag. Six items for $7.23, practically nothing. I asked for spoons right away to eat the Tres Leche and the wonderful woman behind the counter seemed to appreciate that I asked in Spanish, although it was not necessary. Great vibes and a market atmosphere.

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    This place is the real deal. So many delicious treats for an amazing price. We had a nice sampling of bread, cookies and pastry, and everything was fantastic. The birthday cakes look really good, and I'm definitely trying the tres leches cake next visit.

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    Magical! I stopped in for the first time today and was BLOWN AWAY. Fresh baked pan dulce and breads of all kinds for days! I chatted with Tito, the owner while my coffee was brewing and he was super nice and happy to teach me a few things about the bread. First timer tip: when you walk in just grab a tray and tongs to your left, grab what you want from the wall of cases and take it up to the counter to pay. Thanks Tito, we'll see you soon!

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    Ohhhh my gosh. This place has so many of my favorites! My only wish is that they would have had bolio con queso chile.

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    This place is a true local bakery. I honestly had no idea this place was over here, which is surprising to me because I used to frequent the K&S Market that is the same strip mall. Anyway, this place was pretty busy when we stopped by around 4pm on a Sunday. I think that we were the only non hispanic customers in the store.

    The bakery is set up pretty straight forward. When you walk inside, the left side has drinks and refrigerated pies and cakes, on the right side is all the different pastries in glass, self serve cabinets. You grab a tray and tongs and pick out what you want. The trays are the same you get at a fast food restaurant that usually have the white paper liner. These trays don't have liners, I guess they clean them, but I wished they had some kind of parchment paper to put the items on instead of directly on the tray.

    There is a huge selections of conchas, Mexican sweet breads, churros, oreja, and pan de colotes. I didn't know these names until I googled for them. They don't have any names or prices listed at the cabinet area. They don't even have prices listed up at the front counter. We picked 5 different items and the total after tax was $4.46. Not bad at all. The guy that bagged our stuff was nice, the guy that rung us up was on his phone and didn't say the total or the change or anything.

    Of the 5 items we got, my favorite was the concha. I also liked the one item that looks like a triangle hot pocket that is filled with cream cheese (i think). The large round one with the strips was a little dry, but for the price I think that all of them were worth it. I will be back.

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    This place is amaaaazing!!! Always beautiful and visually stimulating just to walk in. They NEVER close. The Leche cakes are impossible to stop eating. Can recommend enough. Go, just go!!

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    Oh my... what a heavenly find this place was! If you have any doubt about the authenticity of this bakery, then just look up at the ceiling where you will find dozens of pinatas hanging waiting to be brought home to be filled and beaten apart. There must have been at least ten little children looking up at the pinatas and pointing as they begged and pleaded with their parents. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to come in here with a blindfold and a stick and randomly swing that stick in the air repeatedly until I received a shower of candy!

    Anyway, I digress... they have a huge variety that includes tres leches, custard-filled delights, coconut encrusted pieces of heaven on earth, and even a few different varieties of donuts! You should try them all :)

    My only knock is that none of the products have a description or tag of any sort to let you know what they are. Time to go polish up on my knowledge of latin pastries...

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    We have a friend who clued us into this place who is Mexican, and boy am I glad she did. I'm also glad it's nowhere near our house because I would be stopping in constantly for the amazing baked goods.

    I don't pretend to have any real knowledge of the varieties available but nothing we got from them was bad. In fact it was all amazingly delicious.

    I'd be amazed if anyone who stopped in here was disappointed in any way by the baked treats.

    You'll be glad you did. Your waistline on the other hand may have a different reaction.

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    I go here too much. Prices are so cheap. Treats are so great. I do not know the names of most items, but I've tried most. Oh Tres Leches cake I've had outside of Mexico

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    Went during the International Food crawl served. They served two types of pastries. One more of a bun and one of cake like wedge. The bun was pastry that the latin community eats at breakfast. The cake like wedge was more sweet, yet not too sweet. .

    Owner was as sweet as she could be and stood for pictures. Very charming woman. Not an easy find as it is along the crowded Nolensville Road and up a little hill where the bus had to stop short and we walked up to it.

    Wanted to buy a bunch of things, but we were on a time clock. Next time.
    Loved the staff and their products. Defintely a place to stop and try.

    Area was very clean and airy. Felt comfortable in this space and the warmness of the owner makes it nice place to visit.

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    This is a hidden gem. Even if you drive down Nolensville Pike regularly, it's easy to miss La Conchita. After I got hooked on La Esperanza and small panaderias in Mexico City, I needed to get fresh conchitas at home. Panaderia La Conchita has a huge selection of pastries, plus snacks, palatas, cakes (which can be customized), breads and piatas. The piatas cover almost every bit of the ceiling, plus the tops of the pastry cabinets.

    Grab a tray and tongs by the entrance and start picking a few items. Try something new every time.

    The prices are great, especially compared to American-style pastry shops. I usually walk out with three to five unique snacks and I typically spend $3-$6. Just like in Mexico, the pastries aren't as sweet as American pastries. That's a good thing.

    The staff is always friendly and helpful with questions. There is always a small crowd - a sign of quality and freshness - no matter what time I seem to shop here. It never takes long to check out once I finally make up my mind on what to try. Deciding is the hard part when there is so much variety!

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    This place is a gem ! Absolutely love just getting a tray and filling it up with goodies. They have lots and lots of baked goods. Don't really know what everything is called but it's delicious. Some of them are filled with pastry cream and it's not overly sweet so just hits the spot. The prices are also unbelievable. You won't spend more than $10 for a tray full of yummy treats.

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    My first Latin bakery in I recently moved to the area. I looked up Latin bakeries in Nashville and they came up. I happily came to give it a whirl.

    I was greeted with a fun and yummy shop!
    Basic but colorful.
    It was clean and neat. I've been other Mexican bakeries like this one in other cities and this one, is by far, the most welcoming and clean.

    They did not have a large selection; mostly conchas and cakes. However, they looked all so fresh and yummy!

    The trays and tongs are to your right when you enter so you can get right to work and make your selection. If you've never been to a Mexican bakery like this, with a tray and rings in hand, you select the items yourself, placing them on the tray, then taking to counter to check out.

    I bought 2 breads, 1 pink concha, 1 cream cheese danish and a sugary-looking croissant shaped bread/danish....all for $3.65!! And free cup of coffee, for the win!!

    I ate the cheese danish and it was delish! Fresh, soft. The cream cheese filling was not Uber sweet; a very pleasant taste.

    I'm giving them 4-stars only because of the limited variety. They'd get 4.5 if that was an option.

    I recommend a visit here to pick up 'pan dulce'.
    Mi primera panadera Latina en Nashville, pues acabo de mudarme aqu.
    Encontr este negocio limpio y bien recibida, con bonitos colores y pan dulces frescos.
    No teninan mucha variedad, la mayora eran conchas y pasteles (bizcochos); pero se vean frescos y buenos.
    Compr 2 panes, una concha y various dulces ms, por solo $3.65! Tambin obtuve in cafecito gratis!
    Le d un grado de 4-estrellas por falta de variedad; hubiera darle 4.5 si pudiera.
    Recomiendo este lugar para su pan dulce.

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    Wow, what a hidden gem! It's like you're driving down Nolensville in Nashville, TN, USA one second, but then you walk through those doors and all of a sudden you're in Mexico City, Mexico!

    Nothing's labeled, which kind of stinks, cuz I didn't know what anything was. But to be honest, even if it was labeled, who knows if I'd know what it was.

    Tip for First Timers: grab a tray and a pair of tongs from the right and start picking out whatever you want from the wall into your tray. Once you're done, you take it up the the cashier and pay.

    Lucky for me, a group of Hispanic men walked in right behind me, so I kind of eyed what they were all getting to get an idea of what'd be good. (Side note - the fact that there were so many Hispanics there made me feel like this place had to be good! I'm Indian and I would never eat at an Indian restaurant unless it was that good cuz my standards for Indian food are higher - so like that!)

    Anyway, to be honest, everything looked good! But I got a slice of the vanilla tres leches cake from the fridge, a muffin looking pastry, and a cornucopia looking pastry with vanilla custard inside. The tres leeches cake was AMAZING - absolutely delicious! The muffin was very subtle, I loved that! It had just a subtle sweetness to it, but not overbearing. I'd love one with a cup of coffee in the morning. The custard filled pastry was also really, really good! I loved the custard itself and all the pastry bread here just seems to be so good.

    I'm excited to go back and try more!

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    Superb bakery! I thought life with Mexican bread ended when I moved to Nashville. How wrong I was! Growing up in San Francisco and Sacramento, I was a bit spoiled by the breads out there.
    There is a second bakery on Gallatin Road that I saw while driving. Time to experiment- I was elated at the selection! Now I go in, fill a tray and it's gone by the next day! I ordered a tre leches cake and had guests that had no idea how good the cake was!!!
    If you haven't been, you are really missing out!

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    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Will make this my go-to bakery. Breads (both a sandwich roll & sweet breads) were amazing. I literally can't wait to go back there!!!! Maybe I'll buy a cake next time! They speak English & Spanish- all are welcome. Oh- and a tip that another reviewer gave was super helpful: when you walk in, look to your left, pick up a tray and tongs, and load up on the tasties! YUM.

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    Great bakery. Always fresh and great variety of pastries. Their birthday cakes on display look amazingly delicious.

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    Very nice people, the bread tastes great, and they sell a couple of other things besides Mexican sweet bread (like piñatas, Mexican candy, Mexican snack; typical panaderia fare). It's also pretty clean. Prices aren't too bad either.

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    Delicious Bakery! Authentic and traditional goodies. Yummy!

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    I love that place they bake good bread....super bueno pan